Hello there.

Hello fellow colour-craving, pattern-parading soul. I'm Michelle - the creator of MooksGoo.

I am a quirky designer who has created a range of goodies for you to strut your awesomeness and make your wondrous self shine. My unique artwork includes bold, illustrative, nature-inspired patterns, and colourful, splashy textured watercolours - but not used in the traditional way.

All MooksGoo designs are hand drawn and created by just me in my Wonder Room (the word studio, or even worse, 'office', just don't float my boat).

Where does MooksGoo come from, I hear you say? I get asked this often! Well, It is a combination of nicknames the husband and I had for each other; he called me Mooks and I called him Goo (blurgh!). We were deciding on a house name, and he suggested MooksGoo (yes, my name came first - I am the boss). I loved it so much, I took it just for myself, because marriage is all about teamwork.

I hope you find something wonderful in this shop that will encourage you to escape the humdrum of boring.

Lots of love, the end.